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Trux Tract Training – FAQs

Here you will find frequently asked questions regards to Trux Tract (Pty) Ltd training for both trainers and operators. Should you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ’s please contact the Trux Tract (Pty) LtdAdministrator.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Trainer

Question: What is the ACOP.
Answer: This is the Approved Code of Practice which all Registered Forklift Trainers and Operators must adhere to . Click here to read ACOP

Question: Do I need to hold a forklift operator certificate to operate a forklift?
Answer: Yes – The Health and Safety in Employment Act 2002 Section 20 requires all operators of forklifts to be trained in their safe operation.

Question: Can I be trained to operate a forklift if I have had no previous experience?
Answer: Yes. Most Forklift trainers provide good practical lessons in their courses.

Question: How can I find a Trainer who offers forklift training?
Answer: A list of registered Forklift Trainers is available on the Competenz website

Question: Can I achieve NZQA unit standards by attending a Forklift Operator training course?
Answer: You can if the Trainer is registered with an Industry Training Organisation to assess unit standards or is an NZQA accredited provider.

Question: How long should a forklift operator course take to complete?
Answer: New Operator: This can be up to 2 days Refresher Course: This can be up to 1 day.

Question: Does an F Endorsement on my driver licence qualify me to operate a forklift in a warehouse?
Answer: NO. The F Endorsement authorises you to drive an unloaded forklift on a road.

Question: How often must I renew my Forklift operator’s certificate?
Answer: Every three years.

Question: How often must I renew my Forklift Trainers certificate?
Answer: Usually every three years.

Question: Do I need a Forklift Operator Certificate to operate a pedestrian operated forklift?
Answer: Yes. The ACOP applies to all Powered industrial lift trucks

Question: Do I have to be registered with Competenz to deliver a Department of Labour
approved forklift operator course?
Answer: YES. By engaging with Competenz for the registration process you are ensuring that your course and your own performance has been audited against nationally accepted industry criteria and complies with the ACOP.

Question: If my application for Forklift trainer registration is not approved
am I able to seek a review of the decision?
Answer: Yes you may apply in writing to the registrar requesting the decision be reviewed. Click here to email registrar

Question: Where can I find an example of the syllabus to be taught on a Forklift Operator course?
Answer: Appendix D of the Department of Labour Approved Code of Practice for Forklift Trainers and Operators. Click here to read ACOP

Question: How often must I attend refresher training?
Answer: The Approved Code of Practice states: Refresher Training must be undertaken every three years”. Please refer to your operator’s certificate for the expiry date.

Question: What is the minimum age for a person to be able gain a Forklift Operators Certificate?
Answer: At least 15yrs.

Question: Is it compulsory to wear a seat belt on a Forklift.
Answer: If a seat belt is fitted then yes you need to wear it. A seat belt must be worn if the forklift is driven on the road.

Question: Is an Australian Forklift Operators Certificate valid in New Zealand.
Answer: Yes the certificate is valid for 3years from the date of issue.

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