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Trux Tract (Pty) Ltd has adopted the ‘next level’ approach to training and safety that’s designed to reduce the risk associated with forklift driving, while improving the overall safety and well being of drivers their families and employers. We realise that saving lives through driver training may not be quantifiable but what is, is a reduction of costs due to more efficient Lift driving methods that save time, reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs. It’s important to realise, however, that it’s not ideal to send an employee for Forklift driver training, when you don’t first know who you’re employing,

Due to the high demand of skilled operators and Forklift drivers, Trux Tract (Pty) Ltd opened a Training centre specialising in Forklift driver training and Other Operation Lifting equipment. With the introduction of the Skills Levy Act, companies have started to realize the commitment of the government towards uplifting people through training which will ultimately contribute to the improved productivity of the country.

Companies will not only receive a return on their investment on training, they will have the benefit of a skilled operator which can potentially save thousands of rands by minimizing accidents, repairs, downtime and running costs among others.

We know that debt is a big concern in South Africa and that its impact on work life is something that has become more and more apparent. With this view in mind, we see an opportunity to apply a positive philosophy of personal financial management to the debt situation and its impact on the average South African household.

Countries looking to increase capacity through infrastructure and development are hindered by the debt environment that limits liquidity and availability of cash for investment in these areas. In addition, there is the obvious socio-economic impact on each and every South African. The debt crisis often translates into social problems such as high stress levels, associated health risks, alcoholism and domestic violence that result in high levels of absenteeism. Corruption is a major factor to consider and the impact that all of the afore-mentioned areas have on productivity levels.

Re-Certification Training
This course is aimed at those operators who have been trained and licensed, but their certificates have expired or is approaching the expiry date, but have not been expired for more than 90 days as set out in the act. Although they can operate the machinery, they are required by law to renew their operator license. We concentrate on the elimination of bad driving habits that have developed, and do more challenging exercises with the operators.All certificates are issued with our watermark.Learner names are printed on the certificates according to the identification document.Please have certified copies of all students ID Documents available on the first day of training.

Trux Tract (Pty) Ltd have got the capabilty and responsiblity to help its certicified students to get job assistance. This offer is free of charge to all Trux Tract (Pty) Ltd students. We believe to serve your as we promised.

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